why i started a blog?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

photographer: haley kuntzi

your guess is right. my kids. my family. they are the world to me. i would do anything for them, including supporting their growing lifestyles. i have 3 beautiful and talented children. my goal is to be a strong, healthy, woman who shows them a great work ethic in life. to go for it. to not be afraid. to try new things.

i have been a photographer for over 20 years. i started my journey in the dark room learning on my gramme's old film camera. i made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but continued to pursue my love of photography. i forever searched deep down to follow my dreams as an artist. my wish is that my clients and friends will be able to document their stories through my work.

our experience together will be memorable and satisfying as i capture the essence of you in the moment. to be able to trust and know the person behind the camera is very important. i am thrilled and confident to be your photographer, allowing me to take your story to the next level.

this blog not only displays my work but my walk in life as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. the photo i am sharing is of my son, my book-end to our family. because of his young, innocent mind, i will be a better listener, motivator and conqueror....not just for him but for my teen girls as well. i may fall behind in parenting, but it doesn't mean they can't see me in a state of incompetence. they will see me dig myself out just as i will for them. i will teach them strength in all seasons of living.

my boy. he says to me everyday....."mom you're my best girl." i mean, melt your heart a little, aye?

"people do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic." -seth godin

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