love the skin you are in.

my skin care journey started back in sixth grade with my best friend martina. we sat in her bathroom for hours zooming in up close to our pores as we scrubbed with noxzema and stripped our faces raw with good ole fashion sea breeze. i don't think i ever used a drop of moisturizer. in my eyes, the drier the better. i guess i thought that my acne would magically just disappear. ahhhhhh the good ole days.

fast forward to the last 10 years of my life, and i have tried just about everything to nourish and control my skin. i guess you can say i was a skin junky, with about 400 different products to choose from. my bathroom was overflowing with skincare goodies. throughout those years, i've learned the value of moisturizing and proper gut health. after figuring out what finally works best for my body and skin, my routine is now sweet and simple. i am 41 years old, and have never been more in tune with my skin...minus the few hormonal zits i get from time to time. as the for wrinkles? that is just an added bonus of what makes me who i am today.

i absolutely love getting facials and after hearing the rave about tracy, i decided to give her a try. tracy is so sweet and smiles with such a kind heart. her passion for skin care, as well as making faces shine bright like a diamond, was immediately noticed. you can just tell she loves what she does. my face did too.

tracy haas esthetics is located in sycamore, illinois. her studio is set up right in her gorgeous home. her style is very unique, artistic and sentimental. the setting was warm and intimate, and i could not wait to get started. but first, i had to photograph and learn all about what she does.

tracy spent over an hour spoiling my skin. i was so relaxed and felt at home, wishing i could just lay under the warm blanket forever and have her work on my skin. for those of you who know me, you know that i LOVE products. what tracy used on my face was so gentle and rewarding. she started off delicately and my skin LOVED it. i left her home glowing and refreshed.

everyone should take a little time to get a facial. it is a great way to spend some down time taking care of just YOU, with the bonus of great skin care and conversation with tracy. i highly recommend her services. tracy does offer gift certificates, so if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, here is your chance. you will not be disappointed.

happy holidays friends...and thank you, tracy, for sharing your talent.

tracy haas licensed esthetician