the ecopurseproject.

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

this past fall, i was up in wisconsin with my family and we visited the very popular cranberry fest. i couldn't believe all of the amazing vendors. so much talent. of course, i was on the hunt to find something unique. i came across this skirt. well, you know how i love supporting a good small business. i absolutely adore the creativity and story behind angela's work.

this is taken from angela's page.....check her out and her amazing product.

I created The Eco Purse Project in May of 2010 after a wardrobe malfunction caused me to take a close look at just how much stuff is put to waste without a second thought.

I was on the way to a wedding and happened to be getting there quite early, so I stopped to see some sights on the way. I got out of the car and as fate would have it, my strap to my purse caught in the car door and ripped! I was upset, I always carry my purse with me. I needed a solution fast and there was really nowhere to stop and shop. I paused and thought for a moment, realizing that I had my crochet hook, a scissors and a black trash bag with me, holding a blanket I was crocheting for a friend. A light bulb went off, and suddenly there I was, crocheting a clutch purse from a trash bag while seated in the backseat of a car. I got to the function, and received nothing but complements on my purse.

Where did I get it? What pattern did I use? It's made from WHAT?! Could I make another? How awesome, so environmentally aware!

Suddenly, The Eco Purse Project was born. I began to research. Hours and hours were spent studying just how much waste Americans throw out every year, so much of it very useful. I tasked myself to solve some of these issues. Plastic bags are given new life as durable purses and totes, clothing and useful goods made from materials that would have otherwise been tossed in landfills.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a group called KOFAT in Haiti, and we have both learned so much from each other on being able to clean up our surroundings and make useful creations.

I work with local schools, businesses and groups to show them how they can make a difference in their homes as well, as every bit can help.

My work is evolving. What started as plastic bags made into purses has grown into something so much bigger. I now involve textiles, clothing and materials into my design, and have definitely ventured into the "Project" portion of my business name.

I love a challenge, trying new things and figuring out how to combine unconventional materials into fun, functional, whimsical art brings such joy.

Together we can make a difference, recycling can be functional and fashionable!

also, make sure to check out cranberry fest in the fall: