the beauty of a clipper.

what is a clipper?

clip·per -an instrument for cutting or trimming small pieces off things.

did you also know this small device can actually bring out the meaning of beauty to many people? to make someone feel handsome, attractive and worthy? this instrument also goes beyond just cutting hair. the clipper can bring many emotions to the mind and heart. for someone living a normal life, it creates style and personality. for someone suffering with an illness and hair loss, it can bring out peace, vulnerability and bravery.

this clipper was designed for a very courageous woman suffering a long battle with cancer. my heart hopes you will find your beauty through this experience. to find strength in all ways knowing that you already won.

thank you to my talented and compassionate husband for creating a memory for someone you don't even know. love to you and all of you gorgeous souls out there fighting your battle.

"be you, bravely." -unknown