small business networking success.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

what an amazing blessing it was to host my very first small business networking event. after i got home that night, i changed clothes, sat down and looked at chris and said "oh my goodness....i did it." i may not be the best of all speakers, but i created the start of a beautiful and very brave tribe. so much incredible talent out there. i am so happy and thankful for everyone who supported/attended this event. i already have a vision as to how to make this tribe grow. thank you. thank you.

it wasn't just me involved. there were many. for all who gathered, my goal was to make this event feel like home. to feel comfortable, free and positive... bringing fresh ideas and news to the table. so much compassion and excitement all around to make everything happen. looking forward to our next event. stay tuned.

here are just a few people to thank for all of their hard work and dedication.

jen white and team from fatty's pub and grill.

annie glidden florist and friends.

stacia marie events.

and the rest of my beautiful attendees.

tracy olson designs.

michael embrey of funme events.

jenna halverson (thrive distributor).

april espe.


abby myers.

carly moorman

deanna terry (thrive distributor).

marcia crouch.

jason fowler.

cary lekkas.

eric jones.

jorjann fink (thrive distributor).

ron bennett (LCPC).

diane kubetz - officiant.

fran tierney.

laura nordstrom.

care fur-every pet. 779.212.9513

and.....just a few talented favorites and most of all great friends who couldn't attend because they were working their small business butts off.

roger kyler.

dawn baker.

meghan burton.

tessa hadley.

breanna g'fellars.

common grounds.

richelle kristine photography.

kim keck.

mary long.

carrie ottom.

haley skora.

usa nails. 815.787.7795

helen's hair designs. 815.756.7788

theresa wicks. (my hair stylist and creator). 815.238.5941

now, go out there and support your favorite small business. happy holidays, friends.