small business networking event

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

i sat here thinking not too long ago, how much i love supporting our local community. being a small business owner might be one of the most challenging jobs you can ever have... yet also the most rewarding. the amount time and effort you put forth is HUGE....and this is a small part of the work we do while raising and taking care of our families, paying bills and staying strong and positive. so, i had an idea to create this event. i want to help the way we see each other, support and come together in our community.

what are your goals? do you struggle with feeling worthy within your job? feeling like giving up at times or just stuck at what's next? i am sure many of us feel this way. some of us may be thriving right now and blossoming. that is so awesome. you should be very proud. we all wear a lot of hats during our journey of running a small business. all of us are at different stages of growth within our careers. how can we help each other grow stronger? i am so excited to host this gathering for everyone to meet, greet, support and share their stories. all small local businesses come join me for a fun afternoon.

thank you so much to fatty's pub for their generous gift of letting us use the back room and also stacia marie for designing the sweetest invites.

please feel free to contact me with any questions.

"it’s not the things we have, the money we make, the photos we take or the popularity we gain that defines us. it’s the unforgettable marks we make on others hearts that we will be remembered for. it’s leaving people a little bit better off that matters."-the better man project.