call your girlfriends.

i am so blessed in life to have made new and kept old friends from my childhood, my teen years, my college years, my married years and so on. we are all busy and time passes by quickly, but when we connect it is like nothing has changed. we reminisce, laugh and bring each other up to date on life's adventures. there is something about a phone call that can perk up your attitude in just minutes. it is uplifting to hear from someone special through a phone call, especially when it is a long lost friend.

this past weekend, i had the opportunity to visit a former neighbor who was in my life for just a short time. we met at one of the most challenging times of our lives as fresh mommies with newborns and toddlers. we shared many ups and downs, time outs, nursing stories and constant running around with our snotty nosed littles. at that time of my life i really needed her as well as all of my new mommy friends. they got me and i got them. pajamas, coffee, no showers, and playgroups were the in thing. i remember back then how much a phone call from a friend meant to me-to take a break, take a breath, talk and just play catch up, even if we each took turns complaining about absolutely nothing.

it was such a breath of fresh air to arrive at her home with my family and hug it out. we had so much catching up to do. so much has changed in our lives, and we patiently sat and purged our raw and messy stories to each other. we also shared our joys, achievements and wonderful gifts our families have brought to our lives. there was so much pride, compassion and spirit in an atmosphere full of acceptance. i went home revived and thankful. all of this happened because she reached out one weekend with a phone call and the rest was history....leading me inspired to write. i am so fortunate.

as i said before, i have friends all over the world from all seasons of my life. my very best friend and i have been friends since i was 3. we go way back when noxzema, esprit, and homemade scrunchies were trending. now, we live on our 80's legacy, rocking our friendship, supporting and encouraging our completely different lifestyles. we love each other so much that we tattooed our birthdays on our arms. our phone call can last hours just as our friendship will last forever. i would do anything for my best friend. i love her very much and she knows that.

i have friends that i've reconnected with from childhood and our relationship is at a new level of love. when you have friends that you can call up on the phone and expose away your life struggles and they still accept you as you, that is just a bonus. to hear a voice on the other end of the phone is something that brings me peace. you can hear their tone and let them know that you are checking in on them, and that you love them, and that you are their biggest fan.

i am quite the introvert at times. i will admit, i'll work all day at home in my jammies surrounded with cups of coffee, water, tea and whatever else is on my work desk. if someone were to text right now and ask me to leave my house i would probably hesitate....meaning that i would have to wash the zit cream off of my face and maybe put a bra on? so, how can we change that? why do we have to stop and think? is it because we are tired, quiet with our own emotions or just plain down on ourselves? as hard as that can be for one or another, that shouldn't stop us from making that phone call or plans with a special girlfriend. maybe that person needs you just as much as you need her. so, make that phone call and chat over coffee or tea. heck, invite your friend over in her jammies so everyone is happy. it's ok to be vulnerable.

i am going to follow my own advice and make one phone call a day to a special someone. maybe to a person i haven't connected with in some time. you might be surprised how much that phone call can uplift your mood as well as theirs. even if you have to text the person to make the time work. open that door and check in on your people. bring the peace. call your girlfriends.

ok. i'll stop babbling. i am not a professional writer here, but i love to write my stories from the heart.

"we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." ― sam keen



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